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Glistening bays, sparkling seas, towering tropical green hills, relaxed lifestyle and unsurpassed beauty. St Thomas offers some of the best powdery beaches in the world. For sailing, St Thomas is the gateway to Drake Passage where the most scenic Caribbean sailing can be found. St. Thomas is the duty free capital of the Caribbean and offers an exceptional shopping experience. More cruise ships stop on St Thomas than any other Caribbean Island. St Thomas also offers fine dining and lots of night life.

The island tourism industry is flourishing and why not? It has everything to offer for the perfect getaway.


Personal Virgin Islands travel consultants are also available to make your trip even more extraordinary. Additional fee applies. Visit They are consultants who will help you plan your trip based on what you want to get out of it. They make recommendations based on communication, and point you in the right direction for flights, beaches, bars, charters, transportation, shopping, sightseeing, and anything else you want to know about Caribbean travel.

Romantic sunsets nightly...
St Thomas Virgin Islands - Duty Free Capital Of The Caribbean 
St Thomas Virgin Islands - Duty Free Capital Of The Caribbean
Just some of the activities visitor's to St Thomas enjoy.
  • snorkeling
  • horseback riding
  • bicycling
  • sailing
  • scuba diving
  • golfing
  • tennis
  • deep sea fishing
  • beaches
  • hiking
  • mountain climbing
  • ecotourism
  • boating
  • whale watching
  •  jet skiing
  •  movie theaters
  •  wind surfing
  •  ruins
  •  gym
  •  waterskiing
  •  swimming


Columbus discovered the Virgin Islands during his second voyage to the new world in 1493. The flags of Spain, France, England, Holland, Dennmark and the United States have flown over the islands.

In 1674 four houses/taverns were built along the waterfront to the west of Fort Christian. Until then Fort Christian was the only structure built on the coastline of the agricultural colony. These taverns were so popular with the early settlers and seamen who visted, it became known as Taphus, or Beer Hall. In 1691 the town was renamed to Charlotte Amalie in honor of the wife of King Christian V.

Priracy and slave trade was flourishing and provided the economy enough money to develop and grow. By 1700 piracy gave way to legitimate trade, where once were bucaneers, now stood properous legitimate merchants. In 1764 St Thomas was declared a free port, and by 1800 it was the trading center of the West Indies.

The next two decades saw some of the islands' worst fortune. Fires repeatadly burned down the town of Charlotte Amalie. Trade embargos, rising competition from beet/sugar trade and the abolition of slave trade in the early 1800's all impacted the Virgin Islands' economy.

By 1900 St Thomas' economy no longer enjoyed properous times like it had a century before. During World War I the United States purchased the Virgin Islands for $25 million in gold. After World War II the islands' free port status and increased tourism brought prosperity back to the island.